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Partner & Client

NDMI partners with like minded individuals and organizations committed to a common vision for global energy independence and climate change mitigation. Our interest areas for partnership/collaboration include.

Marketing & Distribution Partners
NDMI is in the process of establishing a worldwide network of marketing and distribution partnerships with organizations operating in the domain of energy generation/energy products, distribution , supply chain , as well as allied areas. To learn more about our global plans in your region, or to explore the possibility of a partnership in the domain of your interest

Research / Technology Partners
NDMI seeks technology and research collaborations in the domains of advanced biofuels, waste management, biomass pre-treatment/torrefaction, energy crop cultivation, wasteland development, and any other areas of mutual interest in bio-energy.

Academic Research
NDMI invites academicians and research students working in the field of Bio-energy, waste management and other forms of clean energy generation to collaborate with us for developing joint research projects.


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